Colleague Tariff

What changes are being made to the Colleague Rate tariff?

We are launching a new Colleague Rate variable tariff.  This tariff is regionally priced and will track our Green Pioneer standard variable rate, discounted by 15%.  The Colleague Rate variable tariff will always be 15% cheaper than our Green Pioneer tariff so you can be sure you always pay a fair price.


If you prefer the certainty of a fixed rate tariff, we have introduced Co-op Colleague Rate July 20 for a limited time.  This tariff is fixed at a price, on average, £92 cheaper than our cheapest tariff, is very competitive in the current market and just covers the cost of supplying you. It doesn’t have any exit fees. 


The current Colleague Rate tariff will be closed to new colleagues on 30th April and will cease to exist in its current form on 31 May 2019.

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