I think there’s a problem with my electricity supply, what should I do?

If you find yourself with no electricity supply the first thing to do is to check your fuse box. 

If any of the fuses have tripped:

  1. Turn off your appliances
  2. Reset the switch

Your electricity flow should return to normal once the fuse has been reset and the appliances have been turned back on. 

If the fuse hasn’t tripped, check to see if the properties around you have a power supply:

  1. Ask your neighbours if they have power.
  2. If they haven't, it is likely that there is a power cut and you’ll need to contact your local Distribution Network Operator (LDNO). Click here for the contact details of your (LDNO).

If there is a power cut or problem with the wider network, then the local Distribution Network Operator will need to investigate and fix the problem.

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