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From investing in local energy projects to paying our fair share of tax, Co-op Energy is dedicated to supporting communities throughout the UK.

Co-operative Energy is part of Midcounties Co-op, which is one of the largest co-operatives in the UK. We’re proud to have our headquarters in the United Kingdom, with UK call centres if you ever need to talk to us about your energy supply.

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Produced in the UKWestmill Community Day - Solar Panel and Wind Turbines

We believe in generating energy from cleaner and greener sources and as such we support over 40 local renewable energy projects from the Isle of Lewis all the way down to Torquay. In fact, all our renewable energy is produced in the UK, which is about 65% of all the energy we sell. However, we’re working to increase this percentage all the time.

Community Support

Being a co-operative, we’re owned by our members, who help to decide how our profits are spent and each year of a proportion of those profits are invested into local communities. Last year we distributed £1.6 million to the community with nearly 25% of that going directly to over 500 local community groups. But it’s not just financial support we provide; our colleagues gave 36,000 hours of their time to charities and community projects in 2016 and a huge 234,000 hours over the last decade.

Paying Taxes

Back in early 2014, we became the first UK energy company to be awarded the Fair Tax Mark accreditation. For us, this mark is another way of demonstrating that we’re a socially responsible company, paying our fair share of tax and investing in the UK economy.

So, if we’re supplying your energy, you’re helping to support fantastic community projects up and down the country. Thank you. And if you’d like us to supply your energy, switching is easy.

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