Join Co-op Energy

So, you’ve just made the great decision to become a member of The Midcounties Co-operative! You’re now helping to invest in your community every time you spend with any of our trading groups. 

If you want to join Co-op Energy, it’s really simple. All you need to do is click here and complete a comparison to see which of our tariffs is right for you. From 100% green to free smart thermostats, and electric only, there are plenty to choose from.  You can also choose to support local power generation sites with our User Chooser tool all while getting membership points every time you submit monthly meter readings and in line with your annual spend with us. 

If you need any more convincing, take a look at some of the work we’ve done with The Midcounties Co-operative  below. 

We are proud to be a co-operative. It means that we are owned by our members. It means that we make a real difference in our communities and it means that we will always be open, honest and responsible. 

Isn't it time for a different type of energy supplier? Stop saying "What if" and join us!