Green Energy

Do you sometimes feel like your green efforts are powerless? With Co-op Energy this doesn’t have to be the case. Every household that makes the switch to renewable energy sources is helping to decrease our reliance on fossil fuels and reduce the impact we’re having on the environment.

At Co-op Energy, we’re committed to creating a more sustainable future for everyone. We don’t just supply energy from renewable sources, we’re helping to secure the future of energy generation in the UK. This is why we’re proud to offer 100% green electricity on all our tarifs. And we’ll even let you have a say in what sources we use, as well as where in the country we source it from.

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Energy Saving Tips

With Green Pioneer, you have access to loads of energy saving tips and tricks to help you lower your energy usage, carbon emissions and bills. We always have new and ingenious ways to make energy saving easy and affordable, so why not take a look.

Energy products to help you save money

We have launched Co-operative Energy Saving, a service dedicated to providing advice, support and products to help you live the most sustainable life possible. Our members told us they wanted us to actively support the environment, and we listened, so you’ll now find an online shop providing energy efficient LED light bulbs, as well as a team of fully qualified engineers who can install insulation, solar panels, biomass boilers and heat pumps. So now you can enjoy the feeling of being on Green Pioneer and continue to do your bit to save money and the planet with Co-operative Energy Saving

Coming soon for Green Pioneer customers – exclusive discounts at Co-operative Energy Saving. What out for the upcoming Green Pioneer newsletter, which will be packed with interesting articles and special discounts.

Choose your mix

Our Green tariffs allow you to contribute to the future of renewable energy in the UK. We get 100% of our electricity from renewable sources so we no longer contract energy that is generated by coal-fired power stations.

We buy your 100% renewable electricity from co-operative and community solar, wind and hydro plants around the country, plus we’re offering all our customers the choice of exactly which generation plant we should invest our energy costs in.

Our award winning User Chooser service allows you to do this and is completely free to use, so you can have your say in how we source our green electricity. Click here to find out more about User Chooser. 

Annual report

Having green tariffs are great for the environment but you may wonder exactly what kind of impact your energy use will have. That’s why, if you're a Green Pioneer customer, we'll be sending you annual reports to let you know where our renewable electricity was sourced from, what wonderful causes the grants have supported in communities near and far, plus much more.

We care about the world we live in

Like all of our customers and members, we’re committed to a sustainable world, which is why we source 100% of our elctricity from renewable sources. We no longer contract energy that is generated by coal-fired power stations and offer customers a choice between a number of different renewable energy sources instead. Our ethical commitment as a renewable energy company goes beyond simply offering green energy tariffs to our customers. We purchase power from Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), helping them to continue their generation, and also offer grants to green initiative and support new developments and sites throughout the UK.

We’re investing in a better tomorrow

Our investments help to create jobs and work to make your world a better place. We help with a variety of local projects, such as placing solar panels on schools and providing energy saving products and initiatives for everyone. We’re an energy company completely owned by our members, which means you get a say in what we do, as well as a chance to receive a share of the profits that we make.

We’re fair and transparent

At Co-op Energy, we pride ourselves on doing things differently, and will always strive to provide the fairest, most uncomplicated and transparent costs and service we can. That’s what you’ve asked for, so that’s what we’ll give you. We promise to give you fair prices throughout the entirety of your green energy contract, not just at the beginning like some other providers. We’ve made it as easy as possible for you to switch, and offer a range of different straightforward energy tariffs, so you can find the one that’s right for you.