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A day in the life of a (lazy) energy saving expert

Posted on 13 October 2016

Not convinced you’re cut out for the eco-friendly lifestyle? Well, the reality is, energy saving and living a greener lifestyle is actually easier than you might think. To prove that anyone can start saving energy when they really put their mind to it, we turned to self-confessed lazy eco-warrior, Trudi Holden, author of green living blog, A Lazy Girl Goes Green.

Queen of procrastination, Trudi shows that even the most unwilling candidate can turn over a new leaf when it comes to saving energy. To inspire you to follow in her footsteps, we caught up with Trudi to find out how she made saving energy part of her daily life.

“The concept of saving energy seems simple enough. You save money, you save time and you essentially move one step closer to saving the planet. So why do we find it so hard to do?

“When I started out on my journey towards living more sustainably about three years ago, I was a little sceptical. I knew it wasn’t just about recycling and eating organic, but I also knew it didn’t have to be as complicated as some people made out.

“All this talk of carbon footprints, global food waste and deforestation had me running to the hills, convinced I couldn’t possibly do anything in my little one-bedroom flat that could change the destructive course our planet was taking.

“So, where do you begin when you are new to energy saving, but want to make a difference? I am a big advocate of starting small. Start with the things that are easy to do, and work your way towards changing habits into greener ones. Trust me, it won’t be long before you start seeing the benefits in your wallet, and it will only get easier from there!

“Here’s a few of my favourite shortcuts to get you started on your energy saving journey.”

Getting up and out

walk or cycle 

Use your legs!

Walking, running or cycling reduces your carbon footprint, and ticks off your exercise for the day. I share a car but rarely get to use it, so I’ve adapted my habits to walk or cycle and it’s so much more enjoyable than getting stuck in a traffic jam!

Breakfast, lunch and dinner

Cook in mass

Make the most of your switched on oven and fill it up! Bake bread, pre-roast veggies for salads or make your own granola – anything that makes the oven work for its money.


Love leftovers

Heating up leftovers uses far less energy than cooking a meal from scratch. I cook in bulk and then set aside portions for another day. Just think of how many less onions you have to sauté in advance!

One pot wonder

Cooking meals which require one hob and one pan use less energy and save you time too!

Everyday electricals

Stamp out stand-by

Switch everything off in full rather than using stand-by mode. Most electrical devices in stand-by use almost the same amount of energy as having them on!

 no appliances

Be less domesticated

Yep, that’s right, do less! I don’t own an iron, microwave or tumble dryer. In fact, my home is somewhat devoid of useful appliances. How do I cope? I do things by hand or not at all, and I’m saving energy for it.

Size matters!

Fill the kettle less, use smaller pans and fill your freezer more. Making full use of appliances and not using more energy than you need is easier than you think.

Evening lighting


It seems counter-intuitive to spend more money to save money, but I cannot recommend LED lightbulbs enough for saving energy AND your bank balance. LED bulbs use 90% less energy than your average lightbulb, making your bills lower and lasting way longer. Win, win!

led lightbulbs 

Go romantic

I also like a night in once in a while which is lit by candlelight, not only to reduce energy usage but to also give my eyes a break from artificial light. Try it, it’s rather romantic!

Keeping warm at night

Cuddle up with cats and blankets

Having lived in Australia which has a serious lack of heating (even though it does indeed get cold!) I learnt to wrap up warm in jumpers and blankets, or use the warmth of others to battle the cold. In fact, wrapping myself in a duvet and watching movies with the cats is now more about pleasure than energy saving!


Block out the cold

Thick curtains, closed doors and colourful fabric draft blockers all help to stop cold air passing through rooms. They are mega simple to put in place and make a huge difference to saving wasted energy.

So, do you think you’ll be able to give energy saving a go? To help you work out how green you are, use our chart below to identify what kind of energy saver you are!

energy saver 

If you want to save even more money on your energy bill, you might want to think about switching energy supplier. Compare our energy prices with your current supplier’s to find out just how much you could be saving!

About Trudi Holden, A Lazy Girl Goes Green

Trudi is a green living geek from the craggy Cornish coast, with a passion for nature, yoga and vegan chocolate. Admitting her lazy nature and habit for procrastination, she founded A Lazy Girl Goes Green in search of the shortcuts to a sustainable life; in a bid to live green without breaking her back (or bank!). She continues to share recipes, ideas and fact busting articles to help others live a lazy green lifestyle. When not trying to save the world from her sofa, Trudi seeks to find the ultimate profession of combining her three loves: food, travel and cats!

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