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How do we give you a say in what we do?

Posted on 1 September 2017

You’ll often hear us talking about how proud we are to be a co-operative; one that’s owned and run by you, our members. As part of the Midcounties Co-operative, we’re the only energy supplier to be owned by our customers, which we think makes us pretty special.

But what exactly do we mean when we say we’re run by our members? Well, it’s not just a meaningless statement. As a member, you actually get a say in how we operate and what we do.

Getting your voice heard

Once you’ve been a member of Midcounties for six months or more, you’re given the opportunity to vote at our AGM and half-yearly meetings, as well as in elections for the Board of Directors. These directors are responsible for the direction we take, ensuring that everything we do follows our co-operative values and principles, which is why we want them to be chosen by you.

If you want, you can even choose to stand for election to the Board or Membership Strategy Committee. The Membership Strategy Committee is made up of 10 elected members and two Board members, and plays a vital role in representing members from grass roots right through to decisions made with the Board of Directors. The Committee also works to develop forward thinking and interactive ideas on membership strategy.

Last year, as part of The Midcounties Co-operative, we engaged with more than 32,000 members, with 517 attending our half-yearly meeting and 663 attending our AGM. Want to know more about what we did last year? Read about the 4 ways we’ve helped our communities. 

Earn points and share the profits

As well as having a say in how we operate, as a member you also get to decide what share of our profits is given back to you, the members, and what share is invested back into the business. You also get a say in what share is invested into our local communities.

The share of profits that gets returned to members is based on how many points you’ve collected as a customer in any of the businesses in The Midcounties Co-operative – which covers Co-operative Food, Co-operative Travel, Co-operative Healthcare, Co-operative Funeralcare, Co-operative Childcare, and us.

You earn points when you shop, and then members decide on the value of each point, depending on our overall profitability and prospects. So, when we profit, you profit too!

Want to know more about what it means to be a co-operative and how you can join us? Head over to our What If? page for more information.

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