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How to switch energy suppliers

Posted on 18 December 2015

Contrary to popular belief, switching energy suppliers is actually very simple. In fact, your new energy supplier will do almost all of the work for you, so once you’ve chosen the best energy deal for you, you can pretty much put your feet up.

So to make life even easier, we’re going to save you from doing any extra research and run through exactly how to switch energy suppliers.

Step 1: Finding the best deal

If you’re looking to switch suppliers, you’re probably looking for a better deal on the price of your energy. This part of the process will require the most effort from you but it’s worth making sure you’ve done your research. You can check if you could be getting a better deal with Co-operative Energy by quickly comparing our prices to find out how much you could save.

When evaluating different energy contacts, there are few key things to look out for:

Fixed price contracts - Fixed price contracts offer a set tariff price for a certain time period, meaning your energy prices won’t fluctuate during the contract term.

Variable price contacts – Variable price contracts mean that the price of your tariff could vary as a result of changeable commodity prices. 

Cancelation fees – Some contracts, usually fixed price contracts, have cancelation fees if you want to leave your contract before the end of the specified time period.

Payment methods – Contracts may specify a payment method they require, for instance only being able to pay via Direct Debit. If you’d rather have multiple payment options available to you, this needs to be taken into consideration.

The benefits of different energy packages vary from maintaining control of your expenses with a fixed price contract to receiving a potential fall in the cost of your energy with variable contracts, so you need to decide which option best caters for your needs. We provide a range of different domestic gas and electric products, so you can assess which energy contract is suitable for you.

Step 2: Sign up

Once you’ve chosen your energy supplier, you need to sign up to your chosen contract. At Co-operative Energy, you can sign up by one of two ways:

Online – You can quickly sign up online by filling in your details to see how much you can save on your energy before switching.

By phone – Contact one of our customer service advisors on either: 0800 093 7511 or 01926 516152 to switch energy supplier. We’re open on Monday to Friday from 9am – 5pm.

Step 3: Provide a meter reading

After you sign up, everything else is handled by your new energy supplier. A few days after you sign up to Co-operative Energy, you’ll receive a welcome letter via email or post and then we’ll get in touch with your existing supplier to inform them of the switch – you don’t need to contact them yourself. We’ll agree a switchover date with your existing supplier which tends to be about four to six weeks after you signed up.

As your switchover date approaches, you’ll be asked to provide us with a meter reading so we can accurately calculate your energy consumption from when we take over. You can contact us to provide a meter reading on: 0800 954 0693 or 01926 516152. You don’t need to send this to your previous supplier as we’ll do this on your behalf.

Step 4: Your new energy supplier collects your first payment

Soon after the switchover date, your first payment will be collected by your energy supplier via the payment method you’ve opted for. From this point on you can continue with your energy bill payments as normal.

If you’d like more information about how you can switch to Co-operative Energy, check out our handy guide to switching or contact us to discuss our energy products.

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