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The most impressive cleantech innovations to look out for in 2017

Posted on 23 April 2017

At Co-operative Energy, we care about the world we live in, and we’re not alone. Adopting green initiatives is becoming increasing popular, not just with our customers, but with big businesses too. From Las Vegas to Google, organisations and cities all over the world are living more sustainably - made possible by advances in technology.

Recently, we launched our Green Pioneer energy tariff, to help our customers do more for the environment. This green energy package offers 100% renewable energy and paperless billing – a great step to living more sustainably. But, there are still plenty of other ways you can help the environment and reduce your carbon footprint, one of which is by adopting clean technology.

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Over the past five years, there has been a burst of start-up companies dedicated to creating technologies that can help us all live greener. Here are some of the most remarkable cleantech innovations you should expect to see in 2017, all of which we’re sure will transform the industry.


This nifty device has been designed to make recycling a whole lot easier. By scanning the barcode of an item, Eugēne tells users whether the product should be recycled or sent to landfill, stopping any confusion. By keeping track of the items consumed, users will have access to a handy shopping list of all the necessities they need to re-buy, where to purchase them and alternative suggestions based on their spending habits.


As London breaks the legal limits on air pollution in just five days, we’re reminded how dangerous this form of pollutant can be to our health. To combat the effects of this, start-up company Clausette, have created Wair. This anti-pollution scarf has been designed with an innovative infiltration system that will protect you from bad air. Their accompanying app tells you where and when to wear your scarf, and better routes to take for cleaner journeys.

A future of more green technology products

Although there are plenty of cleantech products already on the market, there’s still a big focus on aiding organisations with new inventions. Bill Gates, alongside some of the world’s leading entrepreneurs, has created the Breakthrough Energy Ventures Fund (BEV), aimed at reducing greenhouse gases by financing green technology. The fund will assist with getting more greentech products to market, and make the journey from creation to commercialisation easier for organisations. 

Want to live more sustainably in 2017?

If you’re still looking for ways you can help improve climate change before delving into the world of green technology, why not adopt one of these easy green resolutions? At Co-operative Energy, we’re doing all we can to help our customers become more sustainable, which is why we offer regular tips and tricks on reducing your energy bills, information on the latest smart devices and help with cutting down your energy usage.

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