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What is the average energy bill in the UK?

Posted on 11 August 2016

For homeowners and tenants, you might want to find out how much you could be paying for your gas and electricity bills.

The truth is, there are a number of elements that make up the cost of your energy, including the price of wholesale energy, network charges (getting the energy to you), levies and tax. The average cost of your electricity and gas bill also varies depending on geographical location, the size of your property and your payment method. So, how much should you expect to pay?

To help you to further understand what you could be charged, here are the average costs of utility bills* – based on a standard tariff.

Average energy bill by house size

Small house/flat – One or two bedrooms

With an annual gas output of 8,000kWh and an electricity output of 2,000kWh

For a small house or flat with one or two occupants, the average monthly utility bill is £61, which is an annual cost of £734, based on the annual energy output above.

Medium house – three bedrooms

With an annual gas output of 12,500Kwh and an electricity output of 3,100kWh

For a small family (3-4 people) living in a medium-sized house, the average monthly utility bill is £89, with an annual bill of £1,066, based the energy usage figures above.

Large house – four bedrooms or more

With an annual gas output of 18,000kWh and an electricity output of 4,600kWh

For a large property with five or more occupants, you can expect the average monthly utility bill to be £125, which is £1,494 annually, based on the energy output figures above.

How to reduce your energy costs

reduce energy costs

At Co-operative Energy, we are passionate about a sustainable world, which is why we encourage our customers to reduce their electricity and gas bills by being more energy efficient. Not only do we provide energy-saving tips, including how to reduce the cost of your laundry, but also information on smart technology.

With the way energy prices operate, they can fluctuate regularly. Our aim is to be completely clear with each customer about what makes up the cost of their energy bill, and how their statement is calculated. Although you may not be protected from the unpredictable landscape of energy costs, the data above has been provided to give you an idea about the current average price of gas and electricity.

If you want to find out more about how your energy bill is calculated, check out our guide to working out the cost of energy.

Another way to save money on your energy bills is to ensure you’re on the right tariff. At Co-operative Energy, you can compare your current tariff online with our new energy tariffs to find the cheapest option for you. Switching is really easy too. You can do it online by selecting your preferred tariff, then we’ll do all the hard work for you.

At Co-operative Energy, we are different. For tips on how to become more sustainable, why not read our blog: 7 sustainable life hacks.

*Average costs are accurate at the time of writing. Data sourced from UK Power.

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