Our community energy strategy

We’re firm believers in community energy generation, and work hand in hand with our communities across the UK to facilitate the expansion of their projects. Through Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), we enable fair market access for community energy, with projects including wind, solar-PV and hydroelectric technologies.

Renewable energy generation

We’ve currently got PPAs with over 40 communities up and down the country and aim to hit 60 in the next few years. We want to keep co-operatively owned projects moving forward, which is why we’re looking to invest in, and co-own, renewable energy generation to supply to our customers.

Our goal is therefore to invest £20m in community renewables before 2021.

Local supply innovation

We think that the development of a smarter, more flexible and user-friendly energy system could save consumers billions of pounds in the coming decades.
That’s why we’re supporting the rollout of Smart meters and trialling innovative new ‘time of use’ and ‘local energy’ tariffs.

In the coming years, we also want to introduce an Electric Vehicle Tariff and charging point co-ordination package.

Advocacy and lobbying for good

We believe that it is vital that we engage with policy makers and influencers at the highest level, which is why we will again sponsor the UK’s Community Energy Fortnight in 2019 and deliver a series of Community Energy Conferences.

This will be in partnership with Community Energy England for the seventh year running.

It’s not just about being in the game or winning the game, but changing the game.

Community power tariff

At Co-op Energy we’re at the forefront of renewable energy, which is why our Community Power tariff is the first in the UK to be 100% powered by community-generated electricity. It’s also one of the UK’s highest green gas percentages at 25%.

For just £5 extra per month, you can support community energy and help invest in the country’s local communities whilst paying generators a fair price for their power. We believe that, together, we can help build and even stronger sustainable world.

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