Community Energy Conference 2017

"Powering Together" Saturday 24th June 2017

We are pleased to announce the Community Energy Conference 2017 - the fifth year anniversary of the event. This year’s is titled ‘Powering Together - taking control of the energy revolution' and will once again be jointly hosted with Community Energy England.

As in previous years, the Conference will be the marque launch event for Community Energy Fortnight 2017, which is also sponsored by Co-operative Energy.

The Conference 'Powering Together - taking back control of the energy revolution' will explore not only successful current projects, but also precipitate an exploration of new business models and technologies. It will also ask what role can local government play? How are planning obstacles overcome? How will the crowd-sourcing of finance change? Do demand management and storage provide radical new options? Do we need to accept that we will soon live in post-subsidy world?

These and other questions will be explored at what has become the UK’s largest and most exciting annual gathering of community energy practitioners. The event will ensure that as many communities as possible can enjoy access to an unparalleled range of speakers and interactive sessions.

This year we will introduce a small charge to better ensure that bookings are used. Lunch and refreshments will be provided.

Book your place now at what will again be a truly fantastic and inspirational event.

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Should you have ideas on key themes or workshops that the Conference should cover, then please e-mail us now


2016 Conference

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