Our energy sources

Our pledge is to source electricity with a carbon content of less than half the national average. 

Have we achieved our pledge?

Yes. The electricity we supplied up until year ending 31 March 2014 had only 49.1% of the carbon content of the UK national average. In generating 1kWh of electricity, 428.0g CO2 was emitted as a UK national average, compared with only 210.2g CO2 by Co-operative Energy. We achieved this low carbon rate by sourcing 68% of our electricity from renewable generators such as wind, hydro, solar and biomass.


Energy sources graph


We are committed to building an electricity portfolio made up of fuel sources other than coal and oil. We aim for three times the national average of renewable energy and surpassed this target in 2013/14. Compared to the national average of just 16.7%, we sourced 68% of our energy from renewable generators, almost four times the national average.

During 2013/14, we once again kept our sourcing of energy from coal and nuclear to levels that are significantly below the national average, which is something we pride ourselves on.

What about gas?

Whereas we have choices about how electricity is generated, gas is a natural resource with a relatively standard carbon content, whatever its origin. This means that unlike electricity, carbon emissions from our gas are little affected by our purchasing choices.

In the regions of 50% of UK gas comes from domestic sources, predominantly the North Sea. Most of the remaining gas comes from Scandinavian sources and continental Europe, with a small but increasing amount (about 10%) coming from Liquefied Natural Gas imported from North Africa, the Middle East and the Caribbean.

Reducing carbon emissions

At The Co-operative Energy, were committed to tackling climate change. We do this in four ways:

  1. We are sourcing more of our electricity from low carbon generators, including renewable energy generators like wind and hydro. We aim for the carbon content of our electricity to be less than half the national average, which is part of our low carbon pledge.
  2. We invest in new renewable energy generating capacity and actively seek to support community energy generation. At our 'Energy Hub' customers can choose for themselves where their electricity is sourced from and (in many instances) the precise renewables project they prefer. See www.cooperativeenergyhub.co.uk.
  3. We adopt energy-efficient practices throughout our trading group.
  4. We help you save energy and give you lots of tips on how to lead a lower carbon life.