We support community energy

At Co-operative Energy we are committed to lowering carbon emissions. Much of our energy is already purchased from renewable sources, but with your help we believe we can do even better.

The Energy Hub – User Chooser


On Wednesday, 9 July, we launched our new website, ‘Energy Hub’, which allows Energy customers to choose for themselves where their electricity is sourced from, and later change their mind if they want. The service is called - ‘User Chooser’.

The service is open to all Co-operative Energy customers, regardless of the tariff they are on.

We are the first and only energy company to give customers a choice over where their electricity comes from, whether it’s generated from hydro, solar, wind, gas, coal or nuclear.

What’s more, we’ll give our customers the choice of selecting which of our partner power generation sites their energy is sourced from.

Why have we done this?

As a Co-operative, we are owned by our members, and as part of our DOES values, we believe it is they who should decide how electricity is generated (where possible).

Now that’s Powerful Stuff!

How does it work?

However many units of electricity a customer uses, we will commit to buy from their chosen site or generation type. This investment will help to fund the future growth of a customer’s chosen generation path.

As the Energy Hub develops, we will look to include further products and services, allowing Co-operative Energy customers to have more of a say in their energy management.

What are the benefits of User Chooser?

The User Chooser service will offer Co-operative Energy customers a level of energy management not seen before in the domestic energy industry.

User Chooser will:

  • Provide our customers with a democratic choice not offered by any other supplier.  We believe that our customers are the best people to tell us where our energy should come from.
  • Further Co-operative Energy’s aim to be a hub between community energy, renewable generators and domestic energy customers.
  • Help towards the creation of localised energy networks.

Of course, it is the customer’s choice and they can equally leave it to us to choose where we generate their electricity from and be confident we will meet our commitment on keeping prices down and carbon low.