We support community energy

At Co-operative Energy we are committed to lowering carbon emissions. Much of our energy is already purchased from renewable sources, but with your help we believe we can do even better. Through our User Chooser service, we use our customers preferred energy sources to drive future purchasing decisions.

The Energy Hub – User Chooser

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We believe that our customers are the best people to tell us where our energy should come from.

The User Chooser service offers Co-operative Energy customers the opportunity to guide us with their preferred energy sources through national generation and/or local power purchase decisions, not seen before in the domestic energy industry.

User Chooser:

  • Provides our customers with a democratic choice not offered by any other supplier 
  • progresses our aim to be a hub between community energy, renewable generators and domestic energy customers
  • Helps towards the creation of localised energy networks
  • Gives you a voice. You can choose where we purchase our power, or you could leave it to us, confident that we will meet our commitment on keeping prices down and carbon low.

User Chooser is open to all Co-operative Energy customers, regardless of tariff.

We are the first and only energy company to give customers a say in where their electricity comes from, whether it’s generated from hydro, solar, wind, gas or nuclear.

Why have we done this?

As a Co-operative, we are owned by our members, and as part of our values, we believe it is they who should help decide where their electricity is purchased from.

Now that’s Powerful Stuff!

How does it work?

You show us where you would prefer your energy mix to be sourced from and we use this information to make decisions going forward.